Don’t Let Society Cripple You

Don’t Let Society Cripple You

Have you ever sat and just thought, what the hell am I doing?

Like damn, I’m almost thirty and I just can’t seem to get it together, the businesses I start aren’t really working, and the jobs are super deadened and aren’t fulfilling at all! It's like you’re suffocating trying to find where you fit in. 

Like you don’t have $20k in your savings, you can’t afford figs each pay period, your bills are kicking your ass and you just can’t understand how your friends are wearing designer bags, going out every weekend and going on trips every month while only working 20 hours a week!

Well if you have never felt this, I know I have and it's not a fun headspace to be in at all! 

Social media is crippling us as people. I'd go as far as to say that it is killing us!

Social media has set unrealistic expectations of people, especially our youth! Social media will have a 20-year-old thinking they should have bought a house by now, they should be driving a Tesla, wearing designer clothing, and making $10-$20 thousand dollars per month off a business they just started!

Like, be fucking serious okay! These expectations are so unreal, but sadly so many of us are living for this image and will do anything to make it LOOK like we have it like that.

Even if we have to fake it.

Nothing in this life is perfect, nor does it have to be so stop trying to chase perfection and start living your life.

Its okay to not post a reel on your instagram, its okay to not want to start a business, its okay not to go to college after high school, its okay to need help! Its okay to need a break, its okay to not be motivated everyday! We are humans not a damn robot, give yourself a break. 

Social media had me so depressed and rushing my life, so much so that every business I started failed after a few months of opening them! Not because I did not have good business ideas, but because I wasn’t ready- it was not my time.

I was starting these businesses prematurely. 

At every family function they’re asking you what you’re up to these days, how’s the business going or when are you going to be finished.

Every time you go onto social media you see one of your followers posting “Package an order with me”. 

If you’re not careful, that shit will have you feel like, well what the hell am I doing with my life. 

Why I am not getting the amount of orders, why am I not driving the damn Tesla yet!

Before you start to worry about what business to pursue make sure you are in the right headspace.

Focus on getting to know you first.

Who you were at 20 is not the same person you are going to be at 27. What you knew at 20 will not be the same at 27. What you desired at 20 definitely won’t be the same at 27.

When I was 20 I thought that I’d be married at 25, probably pregnant with my first child, and in the home of my dream. When I was 23, in a relationship by then my perspective changed I didn’t see marriage in my future, I had a miscarriage and found out that it would be hard for me to have children. I no longer had the desire to be a stay-at-home wife, but instead a working woman, solely depending on myself. This created confusion and caused me to rush and fail at a lot of my businesses. I wasn’t ready, but I felt so fucking rushed. I also had no support from my significant other at the time, so I didn’t have any clear direction at all!

Now at almost 28, I am engaged, freeing my mind of anything that doesn’t benefit me. Living in my truth and also living a life where I don’t feel pressure to feel rushed. It's mainly because I have super supportive finance who fully supports and uplifts me. I have the room to really think things through and plan for my future. My desire is also different. I do not feel the need to work long work hours at a job that doesn’t make me happy at all. I desire to be a wife and a mother, and do everything in life that I want to do and not have to do anything. 

I get down on myself sometimes about how much time I feel like I’ve wasted, but then I had to realize that I’m gaining clarity, I’m learning what it feels to truly be loved by someone, and most importantly I learned that I am not defined by what people on social media are doing.

See what society doesn’t tell you is that life throws all types of curves, twists, and turns at you. When you go through things life doesn’t stop and if you continue to chase things without a solid foundation and plan you’ll be running forever.