The Power of Sacrifice

The Power of Sacrifice

All right, ladies!

Today, we're going to be talking about sacrifice. 

Let's just get it out there!

Without sacrifice, you will not reach your full potential at all! It's just as simple as that if I'm being honest!

Just because you decide that you're going to make a sacrifice, does not mean your life is over! It means that you're finally taking yourself a bit more seriously. 

But it doesn't always have to feel like a permeant thing either, with proper planning or discipline it won't even seem like it was ever a big deal!

Why is this such a big deal though? Why does it feel like your chest is about to explode when you decide to finally sacrifice some shit?


To create change and channel the "THAT GIRL" mentality, you must let go of some things you were used to.

And that's never an easy thing to walk into!

Look at it like this, if you are a Starbucks junky, but decided that you need to save some money then obviously you're gonna have to sacrifice that addiction! Lol, but it doesn't have to be as bad as you might think it is going to be.

Instead of getting Starbucks every morning, get it just three times out the week, or instead of getting the venti ice get Grande.

See where I'm going with this?

I know you probably think I'm crazy if I think I'm going to convince you to give up your Starbucks addiction.

But you can do it, for the sake of a better you!

Before I had my gastric sleeve surgery, I was going to Starbucks just about every day, if not twice a day!

Venti ice caramel latte, light ice, 2 pumps sweetener, oat milk, sweet cream foam, light caramel drizzle.

I was hooked okay, hooked!

After VSG though, I couldn't have sugar and I was forced to go cold turkey on Starbucks for about five months! I hated it if I'm being honest!

Five months later…

Instead of ordering my usual, I started to order a 

Grande sugar-free vanilla latte, oat milk, sweet cream foam, light super light caramel drizzle! Yes, I know probably shouldn't have ordered the drizzle, but I did!! 

I made the hard choice to get Starbucks no more than three times a week instead of going every day as I would before.

I had already proven to myself that I could go without it, so I started putting stipulations on it!

But the weirdest thing started happening to me when I would drink Starbucks. 

I started to have really bad anxiety attacks when I would have my lattes. 

I mean like crying in the middle of Ikea out-of-nowhere attacks!

And I mean it would literally happen every time I would drink coffee.

So, I knew my time with coffee was coming to an end and that made me sad because I love it and I loved going to Starbucks!

So, wtf was I going to do?!

Well, I once again, went cold turkey and completely stopped drinking coffee, I haven't had it since.

But if I'm being honest, I loved going to Starbucks, I loved doing work there or ordering there before I start my target shopping. I had to find a new drink and fast!

Venti strawberry acai with lemonade, no strawberry chunks, light ice, 1 pump of sweetener, with a straw of course!

Okay sidebar, my fiancé says that I'm boogie because I refused to drink things without a straw, no matter what it is. Lol! Do you have to have a straw with your drinks or is that just my thing?

Anyway, that drink is so good and has been my go-to Starbucks drink since I stopped drinking coffee.

I knew that I was starting to fall back in love with going to Starbucks because I had found a drink that I could tolerate.

This would not be good for my bank account!

So, I set "my Starbucks boundaries" yup, that's right it's that serious.

I told myself I could not go more than three times out of the week, and I would get Grande at least one time of those three days. I know that might not seem like much but it's all about having control.

You should never let things or people have too much control over you, that's when shit gets crazy.

My focus is just different, I am practicing being more discipline with myself. 

Stay with me…

So, I went from having Starbucks coffee every day to sugar-free coffee, to not having coffee at all to a refresher, to having it no more than three days out of a week, to having Starbucks on occasion. 

Like it's not in my subconscious anymore, wow me not thinking about Starbucks every day is mad crazy!

Sometimes when I think I want it I'm like "Nah you'll be fine, you have stuff at home to drink!"

That's huge for me!

What I am trying to say is that the huge sacrifice I made to put my health over my Starbucks addiction, the aesthetic of Starbucks, and the satisfaction of having a drink in my hand led to me now having full control over my decision-making on this!

This also goes back to what I said earlier, the sacrifice doesn't have to be permanent, sometimes we just need to gain our control back!

I mean who knew something as small as a drink of coffee would help me to realize how much control I don't have over my life?

What's your small cup of coffee? 

It's time to take back that control sis!

Having gastric sleeve surgery was one of my biggest sacrifices and tbh I wouldn't trade it for the world. It has allowed me to see what my small cup of coffee is in so many situations in my life.

My focus is just different, I am practicing being more discipline with myself. 

Keep your control, too much of anything can become addictive. 

Here's my challenge to you, start figuring out what your small cups of coffee are.

Think about how much control that small cup of coffee has over your life.

Now start to work on taking back the control!

Give yourself a month to start to see the change.

Remember for this to work you must be transparent with yourself!

Keep a journal of the emotions you may have in this process and make note of how you're feeling when you first start vs after a month.

Keep going though, even after the month. 

The goal is not to do it for a month and then revert to our old habits, we are trying to create new, healthier, and stronger habits.

Check back in with us here on the blog too! We would love to chat about your progress!

Love y'all!