Stop talking to workers about boss shit.

Stop talking to workers about boss shit.

You have to surround yourself with people who get it- like-minded folks. 

You can’t be talking to a worker about boss shit, they won’t get it. 

Now this is no disrespect to a working individual, but I’m being serious. 

They won’t even understand the language. 

They won’t understand why you’re taking that risk. 

“Man you’re crazy, them people will never let you do that.”. 

Be careful, you start to hear that shit so much you’d really start thinking it! 

“Damn, I just might be crazy! Wtf, am I doing?”

No, you’re not crazy, you’re ambitious, you see something that others don’t. They aren’t wired like you and it’s okay! 

They don’t have the drive like you and that’s okay too!

One failed attempt they are running for the time-clock, but you; you’re different. You fall you get back up, you get hit you shake it off. You fall on your ass, you figure out how to crawl on your knees until you’re back on your feet. 

Never let someone who can’t withstand a battle, give you advice on how to win the war! 

“Girl you always trying to do something! How will you even do that anyway? Where would you start? I don’t think that’s a good idea!”

Run from people like this. Those aren’t the people you need to be around. 

They will suck you dry. 

Can you imagine if Tyler Perry would have surrounded himself with people like that?

This isn’t a walk in the park and everyone doesn’t make it to where you are trying to go. 

Two and three years ago, I had all the great plans, building on great things. But I was surrounded by people who didn’t get it! They didn’t get the drive, ambition, and determination. 

It sucked me dry,  sent me into a depression, and everything started to fail for me. 

Don’t be like me. 

You can do and be whoever you want to be.

Yea, that might sound cliche but it’s the truth!

No matter how ugly it might look to someone else, do it.

Do you want to sell hair? Do it!

Do you want to start a podcast? Do it!

Do you want to start a non-profit? Do it!

Do you want a home decor line? Do it!

No one can stop you from doing any of those things but you!

You just have to stop telling your ideas to people who would never get it!

What the hell do I look like getting marriage advice from someone who is divorced? No, it won’t work! 

“Girl, don’t do it! That shit will ruin your life, men ain’t shit anyway!”


Just because your marriage ruined your life doesn’t mean mine will! Just because your man wasn’t shit doesn’t mean mine is! Just because your significant other cheated doesn’t mean mine will!

You need to be around people who can tell you the truth and will tell you how to get through the hard stages of it.

“Yea marriage is a beautiful thing, but it's work. You have to put the work in, you should go to counseling, and make sure you communicate with each other.”

Again, it’s possible you just have to put the work in and build your support system with people who are like-minded, and who get it. 

Here’s what I want you to do.

  1. Write it down. Stop just talking about it, write it down so you can see it!
  2. Organize your thoughts on paper. Get yourself a planner!
  3. Figure out your “why?”
  4. What will you need?
  5. Do your research.
  6. Get a mentor.
  7. Now go after it!
  8. Get an accountability partner!

I believe in you!

Now if you need an accountability partner, we got you! 

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